Not every article has to be a step-by-step guide – but it is useful to at least show a next step. So if you write a detail blog article about the smartphone models available, then make the effort and also show which factors the reader should use to make their decision. Say, if you don’t show him the solution, then at least show him how to get there. So solve a specific problem of your reader instead of just pointing it out to him. get proofread It doesn’t matter whether you pay money or just ask a friend to check it out. It is important that you have your article proofread before publication.

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It or who can correct your text. If you don’t have the wherewithal, ask a friend for help. Because after spending hours looking at your own text, you will eventually fail to recognize even the most obvious South Korea Phone Number List mistakes. Proofreading could be a big leap forward for the quality of your articles. Slow blogging means more time for your articles. Use it! Practical tips.TWEET Conclusion So if you want to slow down your blogging frequency and do some slow blogging, then you ne to be aware of one thing: you want to replace two or maybe more articles with one in the future. So, for example, switching from two articles a week to two a month … It goes without saying that this one article will be significantly more expensive.

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But better content that is successful in the long term. You must therefore see that you can increase the quality in every respect. All of the points mention can lead to exactly that. Slow blogging: total quark or crème fraîche? A specter haunts the web: slow blogging . This means publishing fewer blog posts and instead investing more energy in individual, neatly prepar Singapore Lead content highlights. After all, what many bloggers expect of themselves is: maintain the quality standard that has been built up through painstaking work. But does slow blogging mean a loss of reach and traffic ? Or is it the perfect antidote to content shock ? That’s what experienc bloggers say about it. How useful is slow blogging? Many bloggers have ruc the quantity of their posts in recent months. Marketing expert Robert Weller from toushenne.

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