Unique views Count per device, these are great insights into how many people actually see the messages in your Community. Finally you’ll see how many members go into your Community when new messages are sent. With time, you’ll see patterns of which content is most interesting for members and makes them enjoy your Community, helping you create a Community that members love and even share with others. Bonus: increase Community views by letting your Community members know they can choose a “highlights” setting to receive notifications with the top things that happen in your Community.

To choose highlights members

To tap Community info > Notifications > Highlights. Currently, available only on Android. Soon on iPhone too. Clicks If you want to know whether the content post is really doing its job, look at the “Clicks” statistic. It will appear for video, photo, URL, and file messages, right next to the Unique views stat, and will show you how much traffic the video or link that was sent got. this is Iran WhatsApp Number List especially helpful, as you’ll be able to see straight away how much traffic your site is getting thanks to your Community. This insight will make it easier to figure out which messages will get people over to your site, through seeing what people like to click on. Use the insight to compare how many views and clicks messages have to understand which ones really drive up your Community engagement.

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Shares Don’t you just love the feeling

When you share something great and other people want to share it as well? Now, with the “Shares” statistic, you’ll know right away which messages in your Community are hitting the mark. Each shar message from your Community will come with a supporting text and a link directly to it. So the more people share content from your Community, the more new members can Singapore Lead join it. Message Statistics are not the only way you can measure the engagement levels of your Community members. See how Message Reactions can help you understand more about your members. Message Reactions on Viber! Likes on messages in groups and Communities are very popular on Viber. So much so, that they are the second-most sent message type after plain text messages.

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