Yes, even more than stickers. of emotionswhen sending messages in your Community! Learn how members react differently to your messages and content, by long-tapping the message and choosing “Info”. There you’ll find a breakdown of how many members us each reaction. Compare the number of reactions to the number of views each message has to figure out how engag your members are. Curate the content of your Community according to how messages compare to each other and ensure your members always react to, view and share your messages. Manage Communities from your desktop Beside these two additions, Community superadmins will now have all mobile capabilities on Viber for Desktop as well.

From the comfort of a big screen

Better keyboard and mouse, you’ll be able to it Community descriptions and manage share links. Changing member privileges is coming very soon as well. Show people what you’re about We’ve made it simple Israel WhatsApp Number List and easy for people to know what your Community is about before becoming members with the new Community preview. For Communities that are public, people will be able to see all the messages sent in the Community right away. The preview will encourage people who value what’s shar to join, and make sure they become engag and active members. If your Community is private.

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People will see only a short overview

With select information such as the Community description, number of members. When the Community was creat and who can send messages in it. Once people get a real feel for the Community Singapore Lead vibes, they’ll be more excit to join. This is one more step in helping you make your Community members engag and happy. Being a Community superadmin and admin on Viber has become a whole lot easier, try these now and see how your Community grows!Pay in Chatbots, Backup Mia and All That’s New On Viber By Lior Hadar Things are always changing and moving forward. As our reality is shifting, there is a ne for new and easy ways to do things from home.

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