you can claim it (and I recommend that you do so to be able to answer the reviews) . To do this, go to Google and search for your business. In the part of the file you will find a link that says Are you the owner of the business? . Click there. You must prove that this is your company by sending the information that Google asks for it. Can I create my Google Business Profile tab if I don’t have a website? Yes, it is not necessary to have a website to have a Google Business Profile tab, but in the event that you cannot direct them to a website for them to contact, I recommend you put a contact email or a phone number.

Should I post content on

Google Business Profile? Yes, Google Business Iceland WhatsApp Number List Profile is like any other social network, so I recommend that you post a minimum amount of content per week . Also, if you look at the file that appears when searching for your business, if you have publish any content less than 1 week ago, a direct access to that publication will appear on your file. Having an Instagram account as a company or brand is not as easy as some people make it out to be, but it’s not that complicat either. You ne to have a good strategy on Instagram to achieve the goals you have set for yourself without wasting your resources, be they time or money.

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Do you want your brand or company

To have a good presence on Instagram?  that are a big mistake CLICK TO TWEET And keep in mind these mistakes that you should avoid making if you do not want to give a bad brand image. I’ll tell you! You might also be interest in: If the photo has nothing to do with your business, for example, it is a photo of a street or you have a fashion store and they have upload a photo of a plate Singapore Lead of food, Google will remove it after analyzing it. If it’s a photo of your business, they probably won’t remove it because Google believes that your customers have the right to share their photos. My business appears in Google Business Profile but I didn’t create it If your business appears in Google Business Profile, but you have not creat the listing.

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