Do not wait for users to share photos of your business, start uploading photos of your business, your products or services, videos in which you can be seen working or using your products, etc. Anything that might interest your potential client or that can convey trust. Also, if you have a physical business, you can create a digital tour by recording a video so that users who see your Google Business Profile file can learn about your facilities. Analysis – itorial calendar social networksAnalyze your Google Business Profile statistics In the performance section.

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Information that you should analyze, such as: Company profile interactions . People who have view your business profile by device and platform. Searches that have shown your company profile in the search results. Calls made from your company profile. Messages sent from your business profile and chat performance. Reservations made from your company profile. Clicks to the website made from your company profile. If you want to obtain more statistics, you can use the Metricool tool , which provides you with information on: Searches (number of direct, indirect, chain and total searches). Visualizations (number of visits in Google Maps, in the Google search engine and totals).

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On the phone, on how to get there and total). Reviews (score receiv and total reviews). Review table , with the option to download a table with the user who left the review, the message, the date, the score Singapore Lead and if it was answer. Photos and videos (number of visits to images and total content). Posts (number of post views and total posts). Banner Metricool Frequently ask questions about Google Business Profile Delete an image that has nothing to do with your business You can request the removal of an image that has been upload by a customer of your business. hit the ellipsis and click on the Report photo option.

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