The rate depends on your number of followers on Instagram. You will ned to enter your Instagram username or your profile link. As in the previous case, it will appear that you indicate the number of winners and that you pay with the amount indicate below in the right corner. You can download a .csv or an Excel file with the draw result and it also generates a link to view the results. Choose the winners of your YouTube giveaway from the comments and among your subscribers If you have done a giveaway on.

You can choose the winner

From among the users who have left a comment Brazil WhatsApp Number List on a specific video and follow you. It’s as easy as copying the link of your YouTube video and hit find winners. The tool lets you choose if you want to choose from all the comments or if you want a user to only have one participation, regardless of the number of comments they have left. In addition, you can also turn on subscriber checking to make sure that that winner is subscribe to your channel. Once everything is configure, you just have to enter the number of winners and hit the draw.

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On that page, at the bottom right

You will be able to see if this giveaway is free or if you must make a payment. If you nee to make a payment, you will see a pop-up screen to go to. Stripe and make the card payment. Once paid or if it is free, it will collect the Singapore Lead data of your. YouTube video and you will be able to see the winners of. The giveaway and if that user is subscribe or not to your channel. You can click “choose another” if the user who has been chosen does not meet the condition of being subscribe to your channel.

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