Simply when you are completing the process of selecting the winner, it will indicate the rate for the draw that you have indicated with the link in the publication and it will take you to the payment page with Stripe. In case you don’t know, Stripe is a payment gateway so you can make your card payments online. How to choose the winners of your draw with You to Gift? We are going to see the different options that this tool gives us to choose the winner of your raffle. Pick the winners of your Instagram giveaway on comments and likes.

If you have done a giveaway

On Instagram, you can get the winners in Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List three different ways: For comments on a post. By comments on a post, but counting only one engagement per user , regardless of the number of comments left. For liking a post. In all cases, you can activate follower verification, if that is one of the conditions, and in the case of comments,  if this is a condition of the draw. You just have to enter the link of your giveaway publication, select the option you prefer and choose the number of winners. Bottom right you can see if that draw is free or you must make a payment.

WhatsApp Number List

If it is not free when you click on

A pop-up screen will appear that will take you to make the payment to obtain the winners. You will be able to select the winners and see if they meet the conditions that you have indicated. In the event that a winner does not meet these conditions, you can select the option to “choose another”. You can download a .csv or an Excel file with the draw result and it also generates a link to view the Singapore Leadresults. YouToGift giveaway Instagram Choose the winners of your Instagram giveaway among your followers If you want to hold a raffle among all your followers to reward their loyalty, this is the option you should choose.

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