These are some of the advantages of using You to Gift: It is available in Spanish . It is very easy to use and processes your giveaway data quickly so you don’t have to waste your time choosing winners. It ‘s safe . You don’t have to worry about anything because you don’t have to link your Instagram or YouTube account, you just have to copy the link of the giveaway post. You can use it for free and without the nee to create an account . The number and name generator options are completely free and those of obtaining the winner by comments or followers.

Have a cost in some cases

But it depends on the size of your account, so it is Cambodia WhatsApp Number List quite cheap. You can collect information about likes, comments or followers . It has a free mobile application ,  of your draw at any time and from anywhere. If you give it a draw and the chosen person does not follow you, you can regenerate the result until that condition is met. At the end of a raffle, you will receive a link to it so that your followers can verify that the raffle has been carrie out without cheating or deception and see where they have finishe.

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In addition from their website

They have a “comments” section where you can see the reviews left by users who have use their platform. How to create an account in You to Gift? Well, I have good news, and it is not necessary that you create an Singapore Leadaccount in You to Gift to be able to use it. In case you want to use the free part of the tool, you do not need to subscribe or connect your Instagram or YouTube account to get the winners. And in the event that you want to use the paid part of the tool, it is not necessary either.

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