The ideal is that you try and choose the tool that is easiest for you. Spreadsheet An Excel (if you have a PC), a Google spreadsheet (if you use Google Drive) or a Numbers (if you have a MAC). Here you can create your table with the different rows (dates) and columns (the ones we have seen in the previous point) and give it the format you want. Also, you can have a separate sheet with the ideas, so that everything is in the same file. If you work with clients, this is one of the best options because you can do it in Google Drive and share it directly with them.

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To know other tools or create accounts Cameroon WhatsApp Number List notion This tool is one of my favorites and the one I use for my business. You have a free version that is more than enough and is quite easy to use. You simply have to create a new page and choose the table format to fill in each of the contents. In this case, you can also share it with other people who have this tool. And you can also since they have an app. Trello It’s a fairly common tool in the industry that I used for one of my clients. In this case, this tool is organized in columns.

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Tasks and organize them in the status columns (pending, writing, scheduled, published). In that task you would define everything we have seen in the previous point. It also has a free version, you can share it with other Singapore Lead people who have this tool and it has an app to also consult it from your mobile. conclusions Doing a good job with your blog requires a considerable investment of time, but it is worth it, because once you position your articles you will have constant visits and it is a great door to your potential customers.

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