You can feel the clock hand hanging on your neck. Some are able to write the idea and the relat article within an hour. Others, on the other hand, may ne a day or two for this. But no matter how long it takes you, take the time you really ne . The only important thing is that set timings are adher to and the quality of the article does not suffer as a result. The best way to keep track of time is to use the tri-and-test itorial plan. Daniela Sprung from bloggerabc, for example, already mention this in her post . Every blogger has their own ideas of what this can and should look like.

Important elements are

Article idea Brief keywords on the topic release date Responsibility (in the case of several authors) processing status For the sake of simplicity, it makes sense to work with different colors if several Philippines Phone Number List bloggers are responsible for content creation. This ensures that every blogger feels responsible for his articles. TIP: In addition, create a small project timetable for the topic research period, content production, corrections, creation for formats such as images or videos, input into the CMS, content distribution, content controlling.

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In other words plan enough time

For each task and set a rough timing! So you have a precise overview of everything and know what nes to be done and when. 5. Music, audio books, movie or rest This aspect has already been Singapore Lead touch on briefly under point 3 “Diversionary manoeuvres”. Here, too, every blogger has their individual mood preferences during content production. For some bloggers, when they hear the Backstreet Boys beat, their pen or fingers magically write on their own. Others prefer to watch a particular movie or favorite series while writing to nudge the creative brain cells. And others have to lock themselves in a space where even their own breathing is too loud.

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