What does a successful By that I don’t mean: knowlge [or thoughts] in the long term or to bring logic to knowlge that already exists in the head through its local structure.” (Wikipia) Thus, a mind palace represents a kind of map or a building floor plan to retrieve thoughts, knowlge and memories at any time. TIP: If you haven’t watch the series “Sherlock” with Benict Cumberbatch yet, you should definitely catch up. The mind palace just describ helps Sherlock Holmes in the series to solve his cases and convict people.

To get back to the actual topic

The little helpers. What little helpers could that be, for example? The favorite chocolate A pot of tea or coffee Which brings us to the next point… 3. Eliminate distractions I can still remember my numerous Pakistan Phone Number List exam phases at the university (it wasn’t that long ago either). Of course, everything else was more interesting than learning at the moment – who doesn’t know that? So I’ve gotten into the habit of pinning down my distraction to a specific point. So during my numerous hours of study at home, I always chose a new series that I devour bit by bit while learning and us it as a reward system.

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In other words learn five pages

Of each subject and then watch a new, exciting episode again! It all borrows from the phrase “hug your enemy.” In this case, the enemy is any distraction that prevents you from writing good Singapore Lead content . So why not conquer your own weaker self right away ?! Basically, the point here is simply to prevent any unnecessary interruptions while writing. These include e.g. B. cell phone, telephone or people from the environment (who might just storm into the room without knocking). Here, too, the motto applies: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating!” TIP: Alternatively, you can of course use earplugs, which shield you from all sources of interference during your creative phase.

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