A change in the weather or even the season can make a landscape look completely different. You can also use the times of day creatively. In photography, for example, one speaks of the golden hour, which begins 60 minutes after sunrise and one hour before sunset. During this time, the sunlight is much warmer in color and draws a much softer shadow, which creates a special dynamic in the picture. So get up an hour earlier on vacation and take advantage of the golden hour. Always remember the “rule of thirds” One of the most well-known rules in photography is the so-call rule of thirds – the simplifi implementation of the golden section , so to speak.

When photographing landscapes

This rule can be us very easily, but very profitably. Imagine that your image section is divid horizontally into three equal parts. So two lines run horizontally through the image. Now you just place the horizon of Georgia Phone Number List your subject either on the upper or on the lower line. The result is a photo that offers the viewer a much more harmonious view. Current smartphones, and of course real cameras, now offer the option of displaying these guides in the viewfinder or on the display. How to take photos even in low light Switch to manual mode in the dark It is advisable to switch the camera to manual mode.

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Especially in poor lighting conditions

The electronics try to compensate for the lack of brightness by increasing the ISO values. The camera thus increases the light sensitivity of the built-in sensor. However, this usually leads to unsightly Singapore Lead image noise.  which ruce the quality of the photo. Depending on the capabilities of the camera and the desir motif, this can be avoid, for example, by using a longer exposure time, a lens with higher light intensity, or a flash. So if you want to get good quality pictures in low light, you should try to keep the ISO value as small as possible. However, you should always be aware of the following when taking so-call low-light shots.

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