Use a tripod for longer exposures Photos of static subjects with little or almost no light should generally be taken with longer exposure times and thus lower ISO values. In short, the camera’s shutter stays open longer, allowing the sensor to capture more light. In this situation, it is highly recommend to work with a tripod and remote release to keep the camera free of any shock. Tripod mounts and remote releases are now also available as standard accessories for smartphones. Use a flashlight in an emergency Focusing properly in the dark is an art in itself.

If you have a camera that allows

Manual focus adjustment, you can definitely use a flashlight as a little help and illuminate the actual subject for final focusing. Some newer smartphones also allow you to focus independently in manual mode. Otherwise you have to rely on the automatic here. And here is my personal tip First get to know your camera Get to grips with your camera and understand how it works! If you Ghana Phone Number List want to take photos, you should not only know how to react and when, but also where to make the appropriate settings. It’s faster than you think to be able to operate the functions of your camera automatically and to have more fun with photography thanks to better results. Ten practical tips for more beautiful photos on Facebook, Instagram & Co Who does not know it.

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You frantically pull your smartphone

Out of your pocket, hold it in the direction of the subject and snap wildly. Only a little later, the photo is upload to one of the social networks and is intend to inspire a large number of people.  saying that your own taste and requirements always play a decisive role. There are also technical limits to post-processing via app. But why not just do some introspection before you Singapore Lead press the shutter button, think about your motive and take one or two pieces of advice into account? In the following I would like to give you a few tips that can be implement without much effort and are valid for both snapshots with a cell phone and for working with a reflex camera and can lead to better results.

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