Caption: Visit of the Resident Coordinator Rebeca Árias to the indigenous leader, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rigoberta Menchú. Similarly in her first months of being in Guatemala by Mrs. Rebeca Arias in Photo:  UN Guatemala/Héctor Morales Under Ms. Flores’ leadership, the  Nations country team  a wide range of programs.  A woman in and initiatives to address the deep social, economic and environmental inequalities that were  by. Similarly the pandemic. The following opinion article was originally  on June in Prensa Libre .Similarly  a national newspaper in Guatemala. UN actions to accompany the country in its main sustainable development challenges The life of a public servant, including those of us in the international civil service, those of us who are on missions where we have been to support , constitutes an enriching exercise and is certainly also a privilege.

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With more than activities that represe progress in promoting public policies,with the National Development Priorities and the Bilateral. Similarly Cooperation Framework – In Guatemala, resident and non-resident agencies, funds, programs and  organizations participate in the design and implementation of programs and Japan WhatsApp Number List projects in the areas of ) economic development social. Similarly development. Similarly strengthening of public institutions ) peace, security and justice and. Similarly environment advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals alignith the National Development Priorities. In health, the design and implementation of the National Vaccination Plan against COVID- was sup, as well as the country’s participation in the COVAX mechanism.

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In education the Aprendo at Home

Feeding, extracurricular education, educational reintegration and skills certification programs were also supported. In food and nutritional security, we collaborated with the updating of the national food and nutritional security policy and the. Similarly implementation of the Great National Crusade for Nutrition (GCNN). In social protection. Similarly the Iran Phone Number List implementation  of the Social Registry of Gender-Sensitive Homes and the development. Similarly of the computer system of the Social Bonus program that received support from the United Nations System. In economic development. Similarly the strengthening of0. Similarly capacities of MSMEs and small producers was supported; of Women and the formation of protection networks led by women at the local level. Regarding peace, security and justice. Similarly we collaborated with the prevention and attention to cases of violence against women, children and youth.


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