Hate speech and real harm The weaponization of the public discourse for political gain is also not new. History has shown that hate speech leads to atrocity crimes. The Holocaust did not start with the gas chambers, but with hate speech. These lessons place a heavy responsibility on us all to address hate speech and prevent future harm. Resilience  to hatred The UN’s Global Strategy and Action Plan on Hate Speech, launched in , calls for a comprehensive approach to tackle the phenomenon. It calls for monitoring and understanding of the dynamics of hate speech, early warning, and for support national legislation to address hate speech. Prevention is a must. There, education is key, for it has the power to transform society and is a tool to address root causes and drivers of hate speech.

Through education, we can promote peaceful

Inclusive, and just societies for all, in line with the vision of the Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Digital and media literacy education is essential for all, and especially young people, to engage with media and other sources of information, instil responsibility and critical thinking when using and analyzing it. Through critical Indonesia WhatsApp Number List thinking, we will reject and build immunity against the virus of hate. Countering hate speech, no doubt, requires a system-wide response. We need to mobilize societies and work even across borders. As our UN Secretary-General said – “Hatred is a danger to everyone – and so fighting it must be a job for everyone.

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Looking back on the United Nations

Resident Coordinator in Guatemala pays tribute to his colleague and former Resident Coordinator Rebeca Arias Flores, who sadly passed away on May after recently retiring from a -year career in the United Nations system. United Nations. In addition to writing the following opinion piece in tribute to Ms. Flores, Resident Coordinator India Phone Number List Miguel Barreto also acknowledged his appreciation for Ms. Flores’ work in the foreword. Similarly to UN Guatemala’s Annual Results Report , describing her as a person who sustainedly promoted  for her work with indigenous communities in Guatemala and her unwavering. Similarly commitment to protecting their rights, amplifying her voice and learning from her wisdom.

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