On the occasion of the start of the United Nations Ocean Conference taking place in Lisbon from June to July , I have decided to write this blog to share a simple and important message: we only have one land and one ocean, and We all have a responsibility to defend our planet, to feed, restore and protect its systems and natural resources. The A view from path to protecting our oceans and our planet has been long and complex. Fifty years ago, the United Nations hosted the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm , the first time the world came together to put environmental protection center stage. It was also the occasion on which world leaders explicitly recognized the effects that human activity is having on our environment, and the negative impact that climate change is having on our lives.

Half a century later world climate leaders

Met again in Stockholm on June -, , to further advance international cooperation on climate and the environment and to discuss ways to collectively confront the greatest test. of humanity: the “triple planetary crisis” of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. Biodiversity loss is disrupting the delicate balance of our planet and Vietnam WhatsApp Number List ocean, reducing the environment’s natural capacity to A view from manage and mitigate the effects of climate change and threatening the food systems on which we all depend. Species extinction is occurring at a rate times faster than natural. Human activity has already changed % of the world’s land surface, % of its water currents and % of the marine environment. Pollution of human origin is one of the greatest threats to ecosystems and biodiversity, including liquid, solid and aerial waste.

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Microplastics contaminate our food chains

Kill animals, and even enter our bodies. At least nine million tons of plastic pollution enter aquatic ecosystems each year. The ocean, our only source of life As the pressures facing our planet increase, it is clear that we have to find a new way to balance our relationship with nature, including, of course, our marine environment. The A view from France Phone Number List ocean, which  covers % of the planet’s surface, plays a fundamental role in sustaining life on Earth. It produces at least half  Earth’s biodiversity. But, like other components of the ecosystem, our ocean is under threat. The impacts of human action, such as pollution and overfishing, have taken a toll on this vital source of life. Half of the world’s coral reefs are destroyed and more than % of the world’s large fish populations are depleted.

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