Fourth, the world must reorient energy subsidies from fossil fuels towards protecting vulnerable people during energy crises and invest in a just transition to a sustainable future. And, fifthly, we have to triple investment in renewable energy. This is where multilateral development banks and development finance institutions, as well as commercial In the Republic banks, come into play. Everyone must step up and dramatically boost investment in renewable energy. We need all world leaders to act with more urgency. We are getting dangerously close to the ºC limit that, according to scientists, is the maximum level of warming to avoid the worst climate effects. To stay below °C, we must reduce emissions by % by and reach net zero emissions by mid-century. But current national commitments will take us to an increase of around % this decade.

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Lies in renewable energy: for climate action, for energy security and to provide clean electricity to the hundreds of millions of people who lack it right now. Renewable energies solve all three problems. There is no excuse to reject the  renewable Taiwan WhatsApp Number List energy revolution. While oil and gas prices have reached record levels, renewable energy is becoming cheaper. The cost of solar and batteries has plummeted % over the past decade. The cost of wind energy dropped by %. And investment in renewable energy creates three times as many jobs as fossil fuels.

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Of course renewables are not the only

Answer to the climate crisis. Nature-based solutions, such as reversing deforestation and land degradation, are also essential. The same can be said of efforts to promote energy efficiency. But our ambition must be a rapid energy transition towards renewables. As we move away from fossil fuels, the benefits will be enormous, and not just Estonia Phone Number List for the climate.  predictable, which will have positive effects on food and economic security. When energy prices rise, so does the cost of food and all the goods we depend on. In short, it is time to agree on a rapid revolution towards renewable energy and stop fanning the flames that consume our future

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