Since the Russian Federation’s invasion of began, world attention has been focused on the terrifying levels of death, destruction and suffering that the war has brought. From the outset, the United Nations has been actively involved in providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine, who are paying the highest price, and to host countries, in the context of a rapidly growing refugee crisis. a pace not seen in Europe since World War II. Less attention has been paid to the global impact of war in all its dimensions in a world that was already seeing rising levels of poverty, hunger and social unrest. The war is fueling a three-dimensional crisis – food, energy and finance – that is affecting some of the most vulnerable people, countries and economies in the world.

All this happens at a time when developing countries

Continue to have to face various difficulties that they did not cause: the COVID- pandemic, climate change and the lack of access to adequate resources to finance recovery in a context of persistent and growing inequalities. We now face a perfect storm that threatens to devastate the economies of developing countries. That is why, in Germany WhatsApp Number List the early days of this war, I established the Global Food, Energy and Finance Crisis Response Group, facilitated by a task force in the UN Secretariat, accountable for its work to a Steering Committee in which all United Nations agencies and international financial institutions participate. I want to highlight two general issues that the report makes very clear. First, the impact of war is global and systemic.

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Right now, there may be billion people

A third of whom already live in poverty. Particularly exposed to disruptions to food, energy and financial systems that are leading to increased poverty and hunger. Thirty-six countries derive more than half of their wheat imports from. Russia and Ukraine, including some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries. Prices were Switzerland Phone Number List already on the rise. The war has only made an already bad situation. Cnsiderably worse. Prices of wheat and corn have been very volatile since the war began, but are still. Higher than at the beginning energy suppliers. Oil prices have increased by more than % over the past year, accelerating prevailing trends. The same goes for natural gas prices, which have increased by % in recent months.

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