To call Germany from Finetwork it will cost us extra money . The plus will vary depending on our operator, which will charge international calls per minute, having a much higher cost than what usually happens in Spanish territory. We will only get rid of it if we have a rate designd for international calls. To find out who is calling us from Germany or who is hiding behind the phone number with prefix. It is best to try to contact them via WhatsApp, both in writing and with a WhatsApp call, which are always free. The prefix 0039 calle me. Where are you from? Who can be behind. Finework November The mobile rings and on the screen we see that a number appears that begins with.

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So that you do not have any doubts, we explain everything about these telephone numbers. The prefix 0039 or +39: Italy or Vatican City The first thing we should know is that this call does not come from Spain , nor South Korea WhatsApp Number List from any of its provinces. The origin is in Europe, specifically in Italy or in the Vatican City. Despite the fact that it is a country that is part of the European Union, we must know the fine print of our telephone company before picking up the call.  The reasons why they call us from Italy can be many, the first and most common being a mistake. Although we could also be part of a scam. In the event that we do not have any relatives there. Either living or visiting, or we are in contact with the Italian country for some reason. The ideal would be not to respond. When in doubt. We recommend continuing to read the conditions and then reconsider if we could have someone in Italy, making a call and we did not know.

WhatsApp Number List

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In picking up the phone. Does Finetwork charge me to pick up a call from those countries? The advantage that we pick up the phone in Spain and thanks to the protection of Finetwork, as long as we are not Singapore Lead the one calling, we can rest easy , they will not charge us a single euro. However, it could be of high value to the person on the other end of the line. mobile-message In the event that it is a relative or acquaintance of ours, we recommend notifying them of the situation, since their operator could be charging a lot of money for having that conversation.

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