You’ll get notifications only for the most important messages. Add to Multiple Group Chats Add people who recently join Viber to several groups at a time with just one tap. You can add them to up to 10 groups at a time! Open a 1on1 chat with them > Tap chat header to open Chat Info > “Add to groups”. Voilà! Groups in Common Being in multiple groups with the same people can be confusing. See which group chats you have in common with someone else, and make sure you share the right messages with the right people. Tap any 1on1 chat info screen > “Groups in Common” Make Space.

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Don’t be floppy! On Android, Go to Settings > Mia and storage > Save to gallery and choose to save all mia you receive manually. Create Better Stickers With millions of self-made sticker packs by you, we add more ways Taiwan WhatsApp Number List on Android to make creating your own stickers much much better. – Trace and shape stickers with your own fingers – Use the eraser to remove the bits you don’t want – it and add more stickers to your previously creat sticker packs. Open pack in any chat > Tap it > Update – Share packs you creat with friends  Change the language of your.

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Settings  General  Language Viber Local Number, Better Return calls for free to people in the same country as your Viber Local Number. Making it even easier to be a local anywhere. Make sure you have Singapore Lead the latest Viber version to get the best of Viber. Pay your friends back with Moneytou on Viber By Viber Team. When your friend pays for dinner, collects money for another friend’s birthday, or you ne to pay the babysitter.  Of your bag for cash to pay them back, open up yet another payments app. Or make a complicat bank transfer. We are excit to announce that now you can easily send or receive money inside a Viber chat without ever leaving it. Moneytou.

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