As featur snippets ostensibly make it unnecessary for the user to click through to the web page. this feature was design to provide the user with relevant, concise, and convenient. Current Situation: Google removes duplicates in search results by virtue of featur snippets Throughout 2019, URLs that rank zero via featur snippets often had the benefit of appearing twice on the first page of search results. Twice ! _ Some may have been at the top of the results, just below position zero. Situations like this were extremely advantageous for organic traffic.

The more territory you occupy

On the results pages, the more exposure you have, and that can potentially multiply your click-through rate. Taking those spots at the top of the results page was marketer’s heave and note I said it was . Now , Google’s Mexico WhatsApp Number List most recent update includ a cleanup of the first page of search results. URLs list at position zero with a featur snippet no longer appear anywhere else on the first page. This debugging has been call “duplication” ( duplication ). The goal, in essence, is to slim down the search results so that the user is present with relevant information in a clearer way. After all, from the user’s point of view, seeing the same URL rank twice on the same page is rundant and pushes another relevant (albeit competing) URL to the next page.

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In short users may like the update

To marketers, not so much. Beware: An unexpect side effect of the update is affecting some sites! Along with this update, Google may have inadvertently caus a spike in blood pressure to marketers around Singapore Lead  the globe! Along with this update, around the world into a hypertensive spike! For quite a few websites (and you might if you own a featur snippet as well as the Knowlge Panel on the right side of SERPs) , some marketers report a sudden drop in page one rankings. to page 2 of the search results Many watch in dismay on their Google Search Console as their URLs, previously rank at position dropp to position 11, despite owning the featur snippet. If you’ve seen something like this, you can probably relax and take a deep breath.


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