It’s work too. But it is important to me to keep a good balance between work and fun. Wandiger is pointing out a fact that many bloggers like to hide in their fancy online courses: that blogging is hard and often lonely work.  a casual lifestyle, free from obligations and pressure. But a blog takes a lot, a lot of work. And that work isn’t done in two hours on the beach with a laptop on your lap. Those who rest too much can suffer disadvantages in the wrong niche. This is how Wandiger answers the question about the risks of slow blogging: That depends entirely on the blog. If you are more of a news blogger, you will definitely notice a decrease in the number of visitors if there are fewer news posts.

On the other hand

If you write more timeless and extensive articles, you can certainly do well with fewer articles. But it is also clear that more content usually means more traffic. But the pure traffic numbers are not Sweden Phone Number List everything. It is often more important to make a name for yourself and to publish articles worth reading. If you’re just trying to be successful by publishing more articles than others, I think you’re on the wrong track anyway. When beginners get up their sleeves Falling on this wrong path happens quickly. Beginners in particular are drawn in by the euphoric and deceptive promise that more is more, which is often circulat in the blogger scene.

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This is what happen

Vladimir Kusnezow , who had to give up his ambitious BloggerBlogger project last year. He has since start a new blog . When ask what he took with him from this experience for himself and his Singapore Lead new project, he answers in an interview: Experience is exactly the keyword. Without the experience I had with my ‘blogger burnout’, I would have doubt that you can reach your personal limit so quickly. Rapid growth is all well and good, but when the mental strain and stress is too great, there’s no point in the world growing for it. It’s better to go slow and safe than burn out quickly. But Vladimir doesn’t think slow blogging is the right way to go: Slow blogging is basically not suitable for professional blogging.

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