Which are the best sellers. List of cheap and electric cars of the moment Since there are several options, we are going to give you a summary of this top 10 cars. So you can know first-hand its price and what it offers. We already anticipate that there is something for all tastes and for all styles, both for those who want it for the city, and for those who are looking for a more ambitious car. Dacia Spring car-dacia The company that revolutionize the world of cheap fuel cars wants to do the same in electric cars and is on the right track.

Renault twingo tech car-renault

The city is the usual terrain for this car, which has 190 kilometers of autonomy together with a . With a modern and simple design, it seeks to be for euros, a car designe for many pockets that seek not to Senegal WhatsApp Number List pollute. Smart EQ Fortwo smart  . this model is create for you, together with a range of 132 kilometers and a 60 kW (82 CV) engine, enough for the vast majority of urban journeys. Fiat 500e (from 26,795 euros) fiat The classic Fiat 500 returne in the form of electric for a price of 26,795 euros. This time it does so with a 70 kW (95 CV) engine and a range of. All this makes it one of the favorite options for users.  Another of the best-selling electric cars is this MG, which does have a battery in all conditions.

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