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Monthly, so you’ll never worry about losing memories. Trad your old iPhone for a new one? Restoring everything is easy – tap: Settings > Account > Backup. Coming soon to Android. Never forget again Set reminders for tasks and other important things easily in My Notes. Choose a date and time and whether it repeats, and the reminder will pop up on your phone with the message from My Notes! Long-tap any message on My Notes > Tap Set Reminder. Choose who to call Now also on Android, start a call in any group chat – no matter its size – by tapping the top icon in the group chat and selecting.

Up to 19 participants you want on the call

The boomerang has Finally on Android! Reverse or Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List boomerang GIFs for that extra touch. The possibilities are endless. Forward and delete with a swipe On iPhone, swipe left on any of your messages to select multiple messages you want to delete or forward. Feel Closer Than Ever With Group Video Calls for 20 People – See What’s New on Viber By Viber Team These days, many of us must stay at home, away from the people we care about or unable to attend activities we us to be part of with others up until recently. When sending a message or making a voice call isn’t enough.

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One step closer to the real thing of meeting someone in person. On Viber, you can have a group chat with up to 250 people or group voice call for 20 people. Starting today … Introducing Group Video Calls for up to 20 people together! by Viber users, and we’re thrill to bring it to all users globally, helping you see and talk with others over video as much as you Singapore Lead want. We’ve dicat our entire team to this launch over the past weeks, and we will continue to do more in the near future. Group Video Calls are available across platforms – Android, iPhone and Viber for desktop. How does it work? Just like Group Voice Calls on Viber, start a Group Video Call from a chat group of up to 20 people by tapping the new Video button add on top.

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