The diverse world of the company Twitter Like Facebook, the company Twitter is list on the stock exchange. After a euphoric start, the stock is constantly struggling. The background to this constant struggle is the perspective of stock market traders. For them, in addition to the critical mass and the current number of Twitter users, the MAUs (monthly active users, currently 320 million ) and DAUs (daily active users) as well as sales and profits count. The last two aspects arise for the company Twitter through Twitter Ads. Corporate communications. For example, there is the correct address. The formal or informal, in any case authentic form of address. Not least when building relationships with multipliers or influencers. After all, content and messages not only have to have.

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The similarity between Twitter Whatsapp Mobile Number List and Facebook also increas . With these developments, the attractiveness of Twitter for companies and users should increase. However, the “Twitteratis” are sometimes very dissatisfi with this. This was reflect in the current example: RIPTwitter . This hashtag even made it into the “Trending Topics” after a rumor on the Twitter platform that an algorithm for the timeline should be integrat and many users were anything but happy with it. It is now possible to sort the tweets of the users you follow by importance.

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This dissatisfaction and the competition between social mia platforms are very dangerous for the company Twitter. Above all, the “new” competition from WhatsApp and Snapchat is forcing people to Singapore Lead rethink. These platforms compete with both Twitter and Vine. How strong their presence weighs can be seen in the current user numbers. WhatsApp has 1 billion users and Snapchat has the highest proportion of 16 to 24 year old users according to GlobalWebIndex. In addition, the pressure from Facebook remains, because clever new ideas are integrat relatively quickly into their own social mia platforms. What would a failure of Twitter mean? An interesting question.

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