The discussions at the th session of ESCAP will be important in paving the way towards strengthened and improved regional cooperation to advance action on the underlying issues of sustainable development. A post-pandemic recovery must address economic, social and environmental inequalities, including those around the digital and data divide. The Asia-Pacific region will be left behind without the necessary digital transformations. Likewise, it is important for policymakers to have action-oriented discussions. From a whole-of-government and. Whole-of-society approach. This will be crucial to fully understand the extent of impacts within communities and to. Ensure that no one is left behind. We have to listen to those who experience challenges, including women and children.

UN Deputy Secretary-General: SDGs

Represent humanity’s ‘best investment’ in resilience, sustainable economies, and conflict and crisis preventionThe spirit of volunteering in. Indonesia comes to life during the holy month of RamadanWhen a magnitude earthquake devastated Italy WhatsApp Number List Central Sulawesi, in September , two memories surfaced for Moh. Tofan Saputra. He recalled watching on television images of the Indian Ocean tsunami, which killed nearly. people. He also recalled how, as a high school student, floodwaters. Hd inundated his family’s home, destroyed his parents’ business and put his education on hold. Those memories moved Tofan, then years old, to travel from Luwuk, about hours away, to help the residents of Palu after the earthquake.

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We very panicked for the well

Being of our loved ones. We couldn’t contact them because there was no telephone connection or electricity,” says Tofan regarding the immediate consequences of the disaster that killed more than , people. Through a local organization. She joined emergency food distribution efforts, helped reunify lost and separated children from their families, and organized psychological support services for those in shock. In an environment where looting.  Had contributed to an atmosphere of mistrust, Tofan’s understanding of the dynamics of the Singapore Phone Number List local community was essential: “the community approach is . Very important, and the role. Of the volunteer is to. Promote social inclusion among the victims. he says. The spirit of “Gotong Royong” In Indonesia. The world’s most populous Muslim country, millions of volunteers like Tofan embody they carry out, the same values ​​highlighted by the holy month of Ramadan.

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