The cash flow of these Cash Cows. It could achieve greater results by optimizing production and logistics processes, perhaps diversifying product designs, or launching new lines of relat products (accessories, modules, etc.). Interrogation (dining tables) Products in Doubt require further analysis before being includ or cut altogether. In the example of dining tables, investing in market research to understand the growth potential of these products could save them from limbo. In this case, after a promising analysis, it could be decid to increase investments in Marketing or in the innovation of services.

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Relat to these products to gain market share . If the research is not at all favorable, it is possible that the most prudent choice is to discontinue such products . Star (cabinets) The BCG Matrix Stars may point to an increase in production capacity or expansion into new markets . What matters is growing the market share of this type of product, since Estrelas have high growth rates — fertile fields for more aggressive strategies! Tip: How to sell more: increase sales by 600% in (just) 11 new data steps Pineapple (shelves) Although the general advice for Pineapples is to minimize them, before deciding to do so (or cutting out the product altogether), it’s best to start with a performance.

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Does the agency show the before and after numbers so that you can see from their portfolio alone that they practice the success they preach? Is it easy to talk to the team at this agency before even closing a deal with them? If there’s a “yes” to each of these points — if she’s not afraid to show client testimonials and proudly display the awards she’s already receiv — this is the agency you should hire! Every penny invest will return to you in peace of mind, extra time, maximum productivity and real profitability ! Why is Orgânica different from other agencies? You know when you’ve Singapore Lead work so hard on something that you already understand what works and what goes wrong? This is how it is, and our success stories are there to prove it.

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