There’s no denying that spontaneous naps, video calls in sweatpants, and 30-second trips from bed to desk are some of the many benefits of remote working. Many of us have extensive experience in teleworking since the outbreak of COVID-19, which forced societies around the world to adapt to each phase of the lockdown. To avoid collapsing economies and keep businesses running, many companies have embraced telecommuting, and with this, many governments have reacted to the new way of working by tightening tax regulations for workers working from home. Ultimately, many agencies recognized that the added financial burden should not fall on individual employees.

Keeping this in mind

We have analyzed eleven European countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Poland and France. In the study we discovered that there are big differences between them. If you are wondering which country offers the best tax breaks for teleworking, here are some clues: this country has Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France as neighbors.

In Italy there are three options for companies Database to voluntarily support their employees:

Through purchases of necessary equipment, such as computer software or general office supplies.
Individual aid agreed for expenses generated during teleworking .
Reimbursement of necessary work expenses (travel, accommodation , meals, etc.).
Employers in Italy can add or modify sections in their workers’ contracts.

we did some research to find out more about the topic and as a result, we discovered the stark differences between countries. Let’s take a look at the current tax regulations across Europe and see who can save when it comes time to file taxes .

Which government grants the largest tax refund


In addition, its capital is famous for bearing the name of a Singapore Lead vegetable that begins with the word “cabbages”. Later we are going to return to this country, but for now we are going to focus on the governments where the tax relief rules have not borne fruit to benefit those who work from home.

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