We always think that creative people are able to produce many works every time.

But actually that notion is wrong.

Creativity is not something that lasts.

If you are a writer, you must have experienced writer’s block – which I always experience.

We need to pause to make the work always useful.

Creativity is like breathing.

When we create a work it is the same as exhaling But we cannot breathe forever

Eventually we have to catch our Latest Mailing Database breath, or we will die..

What to conclude is, leave your work for a while.

Go out.

Relax and read a book or material outside your field.

Try something new.

God willing, you will feel better and re-energized afterwards.

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How do our beliefs come about?

If you’re like most people, you probably prefer to trust and rely on years of life experience and the information you already have.

But many do not realize that in reality, we are all exposed to a complicated problem known as confirmation bias. (biased view)

Confirmation bias refers to our tendency to seek out and favor information that confirms our beliefs, while simultaneously ignoring information that contradicts our beliefs.
We tend to imagine that our beliefs all along are rational, logical and accurate.

But the fact is, it’s just our ideas that are built based on the information that supports our beliefs all this time.

And ignore information that contradicts our existing beliefs.

belief in hudud

For example:

Individual A believes that hudud law is a very important issue to raise

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Therefore they only search and read materials related Singapore Lead to implementation, arguments from the Quran and how effective this law is in reducing crime drastically and practically.

As a result, individual A continues to believe and is more and more confident in what he has been holding all this time.

Meanwhile, individual B does not believe hudud law is a serious issue to raise.

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