Severe risks to small island economies, as demonstrated by the recent volcanic eruption, tsunami and ashfall in Tonga . English review from the World Bank), and the shrinking land area of ​​several Pacific islands due to rising sea levels. Small island economies are also increasingly affected by a serious “triple burden” of malnutrition, in which undernutrition (formerly known as malnutrition) and micronutrient deficiencies coexist with increasing rates of obesity and related non-communicable diseases. . The Pacific Islands import % of their food and have the world’s highest prevalence of obesity and non -communicable diseases . The Sustainable Development Goals (also known informally as the Global Goals) include the strong political commitment to “leave no one behind .

Small Island Developing States need financing to

Invest in physical infrastructure (such as renewable energy and digital technologies) and talent or human capital (such as health and education); everything so necessary to advance with regard to the Global Goals. However, most of them cannot take out loans on reasonable terms. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published USA WhatsApp Number List an important study measuring the additional costs faced by Small Island States, including Pacific Small Island Developing States. , to meet the Sustainable Development Climate change Goals. The IMF’s conclusion is that none of the Small Developing States can finance the goals Climate change alone – they need an additional financing mechanism from the rest of the world. To channel more international finance to Small Island Developing States, including Pacific Islands, rich countries – especially the G countries Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) – could increase their commitments.

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To finance global climate mitigation

And adaptation. Rich countries and their fossil fuel companies have pumped out most of the carbon dioxide emissions, the main cause of climate change. However, these rich countries fell short of their commitment to mobilize $ billion per  Climate change year for climate finance. These countries could also tax the fossil fuel industry to help. Similarly Australia Phone Number List cover the rising  global costs associated with their emissions. International financial institutions could better integrate country  Small island developing States face difficulties in. Similarly mobilizing the financing needed to achieve the goals, mainly because gross national income per capita continues to be used to determine access to concessional resources or subsidies.

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