This is just to give you an idea, since just by belonging to a sector, not everything is already done. What kind of content are you going to create? This is also important to define which social network to be on. And by content type I mean two variables: To content format : If you are going to share text, links, images, videos, carousels, audios, etc. For example, if you are not going to create videos, you can directly rule out social networks such as TikTok or YouTube (although I would say that almost Instagram too). However, if the video is going to be your strong point.

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On the social network itself and on Google, into account. To the content type itself : If you are going to share content such as tutorials, lists, tips, guides, mini-courses, ucational content, tricks, trends, news, personal content, etc. For example, tricks, trends or tips usually work well on Instagram, but maybe not so much on other social networks. How much time can you dicate to Iraq Email List your social networks? Each social network has a different learning period and requires dication time. Also, keep in mind that some social networks have different channels , such as Instagram, which has the reels, the fe, the direct ones and the stories.

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Instagram you should consider all 4 channels (even if you don’t all use them with the same frequency). And also each social network has an optimal frequency when sharing content. For example, on Twitter it is recommend to Singapore Lead share between 5 and 10 tweets a day, which is a higher frequency, and on YouTube you can share 1 long video a week, which is a lower frequency. If you don’t have time to create as much content (or resources to do it), perhaps it is better to select another social network that is more adapt to your time.

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