What are your goals? When working on social networks, there are several objectives that your brand can pursue : Make your brand known because it is new Increase traffic to your website Get more sales or customers Increase your database of potential customers Improve the reputation of your brand Position your brand as a benchmark in the sector Etc. And, for this , there may be some social networks that work better . For example, in my case, Pinterest and Twitter work very well for driving traffic to my website. However, Instagram.

Works better for me to get new service

Clients or YouTube to get training Ireland Email Database clients. What social networks are you already working on? The ideal is to ask yourself these questions before entering the world of social networks, but if you already have a presence on a social network and have creat a community (which is not the same as getting followers, but followers who are really committ to the brand) You don’t have to throw away all your work. What I do recommend is something uncommon, but I think it is essential: define what your main social networks are. The main social networks will.

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Be the ones you spend the most time

Resources on, because they are the ones that convert you best and help you achieve your social mia goals. Secondary social networks are those to which you dicate some time and resources, but not much, because they ones. You should not leave any social network, it is better not to have a presence in a social network than to have it abandon, but you must focus. So how do I Singapore Lead choose the social networks for my business? conclusions As you can see, it is not only a matter of having a presence in the social network that is working best in general at that moment, that is.

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