As a social network is fashionable, if your potential client is not on that social network, you will not get more clients by having a presence on it. Therefore, you must know who your potential client is and in which social networks they have the most presence. You should focus on those where he spends the most time, to make an impact on him. Are you a B2B or B2C business? Even if you think this doesn’t matter, it does. If you are a B2B business , that is, you sell to other companies, you should look for more professional social networks like LinkIn.

If you are a B2C business

That is, you sell to the end customer, you should look for general social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And if you sell both to other companies and to your end customer , you should consider both options and define a strategy to focus on companies and another to focus on end customers. What sector does your brand belong to? There are some sectors Iran Email List that work very well in a specific social network. This does not mean that it is limit to only those sectors, but it is more likely that you can grow faster in these social networks because users tend to consume more of that content or search for those brands more.

Country Email List

For example, to give you an idea

I am sharing some sectors social networks: Facebook : Culture, mia, leisure, catering, technology or fashion. Instagram : Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, leisure, travel, personal brand, restoration or Singapore Lead photography. TikTok : Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, sport, music, entertainment or recipes. LinkIn : B2B companies, human resources, personal branding or training. Twitter : Mia, technology, marketing, sports, leisure, culture or automotive. YouTube : Lifestyle, leisure, music, training, design, video games or entertainment. Pinterest : Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, design, crafts, decoration, restoration or DIY. Twitch : Video games, eSports or entertainment.

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