When you have already adde all the content you want to your autolist, remember to go back to the Autolists tab and click on the option to activate so that it starts publishing. You can activate and deactivate it whenever you want and you will also see the trash icon in case you want to delete any that you are no longer going to use. How to manage your social networks with Metricool? To manage your social networks with Metricool you have the Inbox section . There you will be able to see the private messages and comments of the different social networks that you have connecte, so from the same tool you can manage all the social profiles.

You can select the social networks

That you want to be shown (if they are in color they are active and if they are gray they are not) and you have three tabs: Unresolve , for messages and comments that are not marke as resolve. Unread , for messages Belarus Email List and comments you haven’t read yet. All , for all messages and comments. Additionally, you can search for a message or comment, or filter by private messages, comments, or reviews. How to create a link with multiple links? In the top menu you will see a tab that says SmartLinks . This is a quick and easy option to create a link with multiple links to, for example, put in your Instagram bio.

Country Email List

Appearance you can select between

Different themes, the header image you want to be displaye. The title and description, if you prefer a solid, gradient or image background. How you want the buttons to be and how you want the images to appear. Here it is important that you think carefully about what content is. Interesting for your brand, strategically, and for your potential customer, because adding too much Anguilla Email List can overwhelm them.  Is that you have the Analytics option, where you can see the clicks that have been made on images or buttons to keep track of them. How to analyze my ads on social networks? The last tab you find in the top menu is the Announcements tab . hem popularity and visibility.

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