With a strategy you would go faster and with higher results. Here I am not going to elaborate because you have a great post on this blog in which I tell you everything about how to create a social media plan . An editorial content calendar for social networks. With the amount of posts that are made daily on social media, if you’re not creating good content, you’re not going to achieve anything. And then the tears come because there are no likes or comments… An editorial calendar for social networks allows you to be constant and better implement your strategy for social networks.

I tell you how to create an editorial

Calendar for social networks and from which you can download the template that I use with my clients. Tools to make your day-to-day easier. Keep in mind that there are many actions that you must take and there are Barbados Email List many tools that can make this job easier for you. At the very least, you should have: A tool to schedule content on different social networks. –  or select the title and privacy settings in the case of YouTube. One cool new feature that they’ve included is that if you select multiple social networks, you’ll be able to create the standard post, so to speak, and then add edits for each social network. You will see that when you select several social networks, the Edit by social network button appears and if you click, tabs with the name of each social network will appear.

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The modifications you want for each social network. Before saving to schedule or post, you can see a preview of how your post will look from the View Preview button in the top right corner. And once you Anguilla Email List have it programmed, you can click on it to modify, duplicate or delete it. How to create an autolist with Metricool? Autolists are a great option for content that you want to share continuously, such as your blog posts or YouTube videos. To create an autolist you must access this tab and click the New autolist button . There you can give the autolist a name so that you can easily recognize it on.

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