Subscription , Reports . A screen will appear where you can: Select the time period and language. Select a template or create one if you don’t have one. Select the sections that you want to appear, that is, the social networks, by what metric you want them to be order and the maximum number of rows. Add your logo to appear on the report. Generate the report in PDF or PPT, or view previous reports. Create an email notification so that the report is generat monthly and sent by email. If you are going to use it, I recommend that you create a template, as it allows you to: Select which pages you want to appear in the report of each social network you have connect.

How to improve the security

Of my Social Networks? Do not connect Burkina Faso Email List to any public WIFI network You never know who might be connect to that network, so don’t connect just because it’s open. If you ne to use it for some kind of emergency, connect only to do what can’t wait and, once you’re done, disconnect immiately. Use a strong password Do not use “123456”, “password”, “qwerty” or your birthday, they are the most us and therefore the easiest to hack. Use one that is easy for you to remember but is not something that anyone who knows you can figure out.

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A trick to create a password

Is to put together several words and numbers that you can easily remember when entering a website and use only 3 or 4 characters of each of them. If you also put a symbol and a better capital letter.  are Singapore Lead Change your passwords regularly I know it seems difficult to have to learn a new password every so often, but it is the best option to reinforce the security of your social networks. I advise you to change them every two or three months, and if you find it difficult to remember them, use a password manager like LastPass. Activate two-step verification Two-step verification will only kick in if you try to sign in from a different site than the one you usually connect to,

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