Change the logo, cover image, interior image and title of the report. Select up to 9 colors so that the report appears with the corporate colors of the brand. This way, it will look much more professional. How to track a hashtag? Metricool also has the option to track a hashtag on Twitter and/or Instagram. This is something very interesting if you are going to do a campaign or event and you want to monitor what is shar with that hashtag. Of course, it is something that does not include the monthly payment, but is paid separately. If you want to use it, access Hashtag Tracker from Analytics.

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First and then create a new monitoring session by entering the hashtag you want to monitor, the networks, the monitoring start date and the duration in days. You can view the sav hashtags to see what the Bulgaria Email List analytics would look like, including: Social networks have a massive audience and, therefore, it is something very succulent for hackers, either because of its ease in collecting personal data that they can later sell or because of its effectiveness in damaging a company or brand. . In addition, we are so us to using our social profiles that we do not realize the large amount of information we share on them.

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Are you still not doing anything to protect your Social Networks. The odd scare CLICK TO TWEET Many people will think, Phishing. It has been said thousands of times, but do not click on any address Singapore Lead that is sent to you. Especially if you do not know who sent it to you. This practice consists of going to a website, which is usually a copy of the original website, to ask you to enter a series of personal data. If you are not sure whether or not you are a victim of phishing, you can use Norton SafeWeb to check the website before clicking on it. Public Wi-Fi: It is very easy to access any device through a Wi-Fi network and the hacker will have access to all the data you send through that connection.

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