The Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division. Saraburi Provincial Police and the Wildlife Conservation Society of Thailand attend at the 6th training center meeting room (Jkod-Pongkonsao). Saraburi Province Mr. Polvee Buchakiat, head of wildlife crime database development and management, said the purpose of this meeting was to prepare personnel to have knowlge in the field of investigation. by using the IT program This will be a tool that can link network information of offenders from various agencies.

That will be useful in law

Enforcement and will help prove the guilt of the accus more clearly. In addition, the work in the future will require cooperation from a network of various agencies as well. For this meeting, held from 13 to 18 June 2022, there was a course on analyzing the links between wildlife crime and money laundering. Analysis of information obtain from news wires to find links to criminal networks Monaco Email List behind wildlife poaching and trafficking This will make the criminal network data management more efficient. and have a more modern working system with the support of officers from the Technology Crime Suppression Division Become a lecturer to give knowlge The National Park Service accelerates management under National Park Act B.E. 2562 June.

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Department of National Parks

Wildlife and Plant Conservation is the main agency. in keeping the balance between. The utilization of natural resources and the preservation of all 155 national parks for future generations. Together with the announcement of the new National Park Act B.E. As well as guidelines for the development of various facilities in the area in accordance with and responding to national Singapore Lead economic development policies that must ensure that such development is in accordance with the capacity of the area to support and for the management of national parks to be effective and sustainable On June 6, 2022, Mr. Ratchada Suriyakul Na Ayutthaya.

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