National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, presid over the opening ceremony of the workshop to drive Management of national parks Forest parks under the National Park Act B.E. Forest Park Chief Head of the center attend a total of 320 people at the Grand Ballroom, Maruay Garden Hotel, Bangkok. For the Workshop to Drive the Management of National Parks, Forest Parks under the National Parks Act B.E. 2562 consist of lectures on subordinate legislation, i.e. regulations and announcements issu under the National Park Act B.E. 2562 and the implementation of grouping activities.

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As suggestions including answering questions and adapt. To suit the work in the area of ​​responsibility for maximum efficiency. Mr. Sitthichai Seri Songsaeng, Deputy Director General of the Department of Mongolia Email List National Parks. Wildlife and Plant Conservation said that the workshop to drive Management of National Parks. Forest Parks under the National Park Act 2019 today to achieve the same direction in taking care of tourists during the opening of the country under the COVID-19 situation. As for the survey of land plots for the use of people in conservation areas according to Section 64 of the National Park Act 2019, the.

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All plots of surveys. The next step will proce to the consideration process according to the following criteria. Department of National Parks Strict control of wildlife checkpoints Prevent the spread of Singapore Lead smallpox monkeys May 24, 2022 1730 From the situation of the outbreak of smallpox monkeys in many European countries The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirm about 80 cases of smallpox, with the first case seen in the Unit Kingdom on a recent trip to Nigeria in late April. news of smallpox outbreak has creat concern for Thai people Especially the community where there are monkeys in the area. The DNP NEWS news team has closely follow the news situation.

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