Training” in February to thoroughly support in-house web marketing Wannabe Academy will start “Web Marketing Corporate Training” from February to thoroughly support in-house web marketing. In three months, we will conduct basic learning, practical learning, and practical learning, and for those who wish, we will continue to support them until they become independent. Since its opening in May , Wannabe Academy has receive a total of , special class students* and over Web marketer course students* . Most of them are new to web marketing, and a wide range of people in their s to s, from students to working people, regardless of industry or occupation.

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Where students introduce web Austria Email List marketing courses to their colleagues and superiors, and inquiries from companies have increasd. So we decide to start corporate training. * As of September * As of . Development background of web marketing training, from CEO Morita .Utilization Scene of Web Marketing Corporate Training .Advantages of cultivating web marketers in-house Four.Web Marketing Corporate Training Overview Development background of web marketing training, from CEO Morita Today, with the expansion of the Internet advertising market, the use of web marketing is accelerating. We all know the importance of web marketing. And the number of outsource companies is also increasing.

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In order to generate sustainable profits

It is important not only to leave it to the outside, but also to place human resources who understand web marketing within the company, to establish a system to evaluate and develop them, and to manage them. I think. If you have knowle, you will be able to understand the good and bad of your company’s web measures. You can have a conversation with an outsource web Anguilla Email List advertising agency in a common language and common understanding. If you don’t have knowldge, you won’t know whether the proposed content is good or bad. If your CV and CPA are not good, you will have to change agencies, which will incur additional communication costs and hinder your company from accumulating knowlege and know-how.

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