With the screen ON and audio mutd.  the briefing session. [Regarding the recruiting position “MA Planner”] I will explain by quoting from an article by transcosmos. MA is the automation of marketing activities. Consumers unconsciously select the information they nee from a wide variety of information. Although companies transmit product information, if they do not deliver necessary information to consumers at the right time and in the right place, they will quickly be overlookd. On the other hand, it takes a lot of effort for companies to individually respond to diverse consumers.

This is where MA Marketing Automation

Was born By setting “to whom”, “what”, “when”, and “how” to be delivere to the MA tool as a “scenario”, it is possible to automatically transmit information according to the scenario. This allows consumers to Azerbaijan Mailing Data smoothly obtain the information they ned, and companies can improve the quality and efficiency of their marketing activities, improve profits, and build good relationships with consumers. Mechanism to realize MA What is MA planner’s job. in addition to being able to organize yourself to create that content without stress and with enough time for it to be of quality. I am not going to elaborate here either because you have a wonderful post on my blog in which.

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In order to maximize the effect

Of introducing MA, specialize skills such as “understanding and processing data”, “planning and designing scenarios”, and “tool operation and implementation” are require. Even if a company has valuable Anguilla Email List marketing data and has introduce an MA tool with excellent functions, it cannot be usd to its full potential without human resources with specialize skills. Therefore, it is the job of transcosmos’ MA planners to support marketing activities as MA professionals while working side by side with customers, including planning measures using data, tool setting, and subsequent operational improvements.

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