Phishing on websites Known as fake or fake websites, they are identical to real pages, often known and trust by many people. From this, the hackers develop the programming of these sites so that the user can register and then use this information to access real accounts. Another element that is very present in phishing are the famous pop-ups. 4. Phishing by email Of all the methods us by phishing criminals, email phishing is the most common among these cybercriminals, as users are consider easy prey. Through the email address, criminals use this tool to place the initial bait.

Usually messages with links

That take the person to pornographic sites Catalan Email List or malware attachments. Therefore, it is recommend not to click on shortcuts from unknown senders. 5. Phishing in social networks Finally, social networks. Attackers gain access to accounts and, through a virus, force people on that network to send links. Another very common action is fake profiles, which send direct messages with shortcuts to malicious websites. How to prevent? In addition to being careful with the situations we mention above, it is important to have Internet security software. The goal is to ruce the exposure of your company’s data, customers, and employees. Therefore, adopting Cybersecurity actions in your company is an excellent option.

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Through Cyber ​​Security

It is possible to establish new guidelines, principles and actions in order to protect all your business resources and personal and strategic data. How many times have you uninstall an app because you didn’t Whether in the interface, design or proposal of the App, when something does not please the user, in addition to the fact that the rating is low, the probability of Singapore Lead rejection is much higher. That’s where UX comes in. UX (User Experience) means user experience. When it comes to apps, what is most important to you: that they work well, that they look good? Or is it more about UX? At the beginning of any project, ideas fly. The developer is not sure which way to go, what to consider, what the design will be, among other things.

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