Because on its own, a website only rarely wins customers. This requires integration into the overall marketing . The website is the center of all corporate communication – so make it a top priority! Telling good stories: What content marketers can learn from journalists Blogging is so easy! Just write an article about a topic that moves you, attach an image from a database, publish it, maybe post it on Facebook – and that’s it. If you blog privately, that might work. But if you also want to advance your business with your content, you should approach the matter more professionally.

For example by telling your story

Like a journalist. And not just in Qatar Phone Number List your blog, but in all content where narrative quality is important: white papers, infographics, explanatory videos, case studies, etc. In this article, we show you which journalistic methods and working methods you ne to do this. And we also address the question of whether journalists are perhaps even the better content marketers, as some claim. Journalism skills useful for content marketing In order to meet the increasing demand for content, more and more companies and agencies are hiring so-call content itors or itorial directors.

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They attach great importance

To journalistic experience and often prefer former itors. There is a good reason for this: those who have been in journalism for a long time have skills and working methods that are very useful for Singapore Lead  content marketing. Aaron Agius compil these in a post for the Content Marketing Institute , some of which we want to pick up on here: 1. Journalists know their readers Every good journalist knows for whom he is writing or creating his TV or radio report. He knows the topics that interest his readers and knows how best to “grab” them and lure them out of their reserve.

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