He writes on an equal footing with his readers by putting himself in their situation and speaking their language. This includes, for example, not using technical terms or explaining them if necessary. 2. Journalists have a flair for good stories Journalists are always looking for something new and surprising. You have the ability to look at a topic from different angles and to work out the things that move us. It takes a lot of research, perseverance and a good instinct. But it’s never about making up stories, because journalists know how precious cribility is.

This applies all the more

In times of social mia, in which every quickly comes to light. 3. Journalists ask uncomfortable questions Journalists are not satisfi with superficiality. They specialize in digging deeper and asking questions that Romania Phone Number List some marketers would rather avoid: “What exactly does this marketing phrase mean?” Or: “If your service makes so much sense, why don’t you already have more customers?” Just that kind of critical questioning is what makes a story interesting, helpful and authentic. Incidentally, companies are also “forc” to constantly and critically examine their products, goals and communication. 4. Journalists know how to wrap stories Journalists are professionals at creating content according to the rules of the art.

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They know how to draw readers

Into an article with good headlines, how to structure the dramaturgy correctly and how to loosen up stories with anecdotes. How to make online content more readable with teasers, lists and Singapore Lead  subheadings is also part of a journalist’s methodological repertoire, from which content marketers can learn a lot. Learn the 1×1 of journalism If you don’t just want to create content, but quality content that stands out from the crowd, you should therefore acquire some journalistic skills and working methods. Here are a few tips for your daily work that your content will definitely benefit from.

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