A visitor counter, for example, proudly waving at your desir customer from the side, does not provide social proof. On the contrary, it means that visitors will probably say goodbye very quickly because your website makes a totally outdat impression. Search engine optimization should not be your primary motivation when creating the content of your website – but here too it is worthwhile (in addition to basic on-page SEO measures ) to think about your desir customer. What is he looking for when he is looking for a solution to his problem.

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Does he use to express himself? 10. Promote Portugal Phone Number List relationship building – don’t let your ideal customers go again The last and actually most important point on my list: building a relationship with your desir customer. You can specifically promote customer acquisition with one point: by enabling and encouraging your desir customer to stay in contact with you. An average of seven contacts are made with the seller before an actual purchase is made. So your visitors want to get to know you better first and not buy something right away.

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Your visitors want to stay connect and learn more about you. If you write a newsletter or use email marketing, subscribing to your list is the number one choice. A so-call freebie is often offer as an Singapore Lead  incentive.  you will receive useful information as an e-book, checklist or similar free of charge. Place your email opt-in prominently on your website (preferably in conjunction with a freebie) Include follow buttons on your social mia channels Offer the possibility to subscribe to your RSS fe Of course, you should regularly provide useful content (blog, podcast, videos) so that your desir customers benefit from staying in contact with you.

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