Do it like¬† others and sign up for our newsletter”. The number of comments on the blog as well as many social shares and fans of your social mia profiles also reinforce this impression. In any case, you should be aware of and address the insecurities and concerns your visitors might have (for example, on the About Me page , which plays an important role in building trust). 8. Usability – what is the overall impression? Your visitors should feel comfortable on your website . This includes a well-structur structure of your content, clear navigation.

No more than five to six menu

Items in the main menu, easy-to-read font, vari content prepar for use on the web. You can also align these criteria with your desir customer by asking yourself: What information is my ideal customer Peru Phone Number List looking for? Which ones are very important to him, which ones are of secondary importance? Which design (colours, fonts, stylistic devices) suits him? Make sure that your website is optimiz for mobile devices (responsive web design)! It is very important to guide your visitors – think about what they should do for each individual page and communicate it accordingly.

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Include calls to action

Your website must be self-explanatory . According to Steve Krug, “Don’t make me think” is the supreme law of usability. “If you only have room in your head for one usability rule, then this should Singapore Lead¬† be it,” he explains in his book of the same name . I’m sure you can remember them too. 9. Technology and SEO In my opinion, a good technical framework is of acquiring desir customers via the website. If the technology is not right, this has a negative effect. Long loading times, dead links, faulty functions or the like ensure that your visitors leave your website quickly or at least get a bad impression. Standards change quickly, you certainly don’t have to follow every trend. But make sure that the technology is right and that you stay up to date.

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