Name their challenges and desires and show them how you can help. Pay particular attention to these points when addressing your website: How would you like to be address to your desir customer (you or she)? Should the communication style be factual and informative or more casual and entertaining? Which mia and content formats does your ideal customer feel comfortable with – does he listen to podcasts, like watching videos or does he like drawings? Images also speak a language. They tell stories, trigger emotions, awaken desires (those of your desir customers.

Authenticity – show yourself

As you are Your visitors want to know Paraguay Phone Number List who they are dealing with and if they can work with you. You are doing yourself a disservice by presenting yourself differently than you really are. Because at the latest when working together more closely, contradictions may come to light. And then the disappointment is great. If you present yourself on your website as you are, your desir customers can consciously choose you – or not. You can read here why an authentic representation on the website is important and what advantages this brings: What is an authentic website.

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Build trust – give your customers security

Your visitors get to know you on your website and they can decide whether they like you or not. If they like you, an important foundation has been laid. But in order for them to take a closer interest in Singapore Lead  your offer and seriously consider buying or commissioning something from you, another essential step is necessary: ​​They must be convinc of your competence. They have to trust you . on your website: Include customer testimonials Tell stories from everyday life Present “success stories” or successful projects Include work samples or references People feel validat by the behavior of others ( social proof ). You can promote this by including phrases such as “x customers have already bought y.

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