If at that moment there is some movement that catches your attention, the most normal thing is that you pay attention to the video again. You should not abuse this, but you can make different transitions within your videos, such as: Zoom in or out of the camera. Change plan. Emb stock videos or animations. Add sounds that support what is said or appears in the image. It is important that you also define this so that your videos all follow a pattern that is identifiable for your brand and gives you personality. Don’t forget the call to action.

Each of the videos you make

For your YouTube channel should have a specific goal, such as: Sell ​​a product or service. Deriving traffic to a web page. Create a playback chain. Get more interactions. Generate more views. Get them to subscribe to your newsletter. Etc. This must be defin before creating the video and the calls to action that you include must be design to achieve that objective. In this case, it is not bad that you include several calls to action in your videos, but it is important that you separate them in time and that they make sense with the video itself. Although if your video has an objective such as selling your product or service.

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I would recommend that you make several

Calls to action, but all direct at it. SEO is very important on YouTube, so you should create a title that: Include the keywords that your potential customers are going to search for. Be attractive to increase the Singapore Lead chances that the user will click on your video among all the results that appear. To find out what your potential customer is looking for, my recommendation is to use YouTube or Google’s own search engine (since YouTube videos also appear on Google as search results). Design a nice thumbnail. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so you should create a good thumbnail that will help you stand out among all the other video results similar to yours.

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