Because as much as Instagram says that you should publish 3-5 weekly reels, if you don’t have time to do 1, you’re hardly going to reach that frequency (also, this recommendation is for content creators, people who earn money directly with that content ). deal with many different topics This is a very common mistake and one that causes you to lose interactions. If I always share content on a specific topic (as in my case, marketing on social networks), I will attract people who are interest in learning more about social networks.

However if  post on social mia today

Trendy tomorrow, a recipe the day Lithuania Email List after and a travel recommendation the next, my profile will attract people with different interests. Some will like everything I share, but it will be a much lower percentage than those who like each of the themes separately. The problem? Well, they will not interact equally in all your content and that can affect you negatively, causing some of your followers not to see your content. Post too much self-promotion It is clear that, if you are a company or personal brand, you are on social networks with the aim of increasing your sales (although there are other possible ones.

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But if you are only talking about

The wonders of your brand, your products or services and how super good you are, it is very possible that you will not connect with your audience and they will end up going to other accounts. you should not talk Singapore Lead about these issues, but here the protagonist must be your potential client, and the solution to their problems, what you sell. Post too much or too little It is very common to think that if you want to grow, you should publish at least once a day… But this is not the case. Posting a lot can be a big mistake because your posts may not be getting their full reach due to other new content that attracts more attention.

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