Analyze carefully how much you should publish, do different tests and stay with the option that works best for you and suits your time. Not humanizing your brand I’m sorry to tell you that social mia is social and you’re going to get more out of it than by hiding behind stock photos or your logo. For me, this is as if I went to your physical store and upon entering, I saw the clerk hiding behind the counter or wearing a mask with his logo. Obviously, I would run out of that store and never go back inside. Well, on social networks it’s a bit the same.

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You may ne a process to let go Luxembourg Email List and show yourself naturally, but I can assure you that it is worth it. Copy content from other brands This is one of the most common mistakes and it often causes us to enter a social network and see the same content with different faces and voices one after another… Especially if it is a trend… You can be inspir by other brands, of course, but you should always share your own content by sharing your values, your personality and your experience. That’s what’s going to make you unique and encourage people to really follow you.

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A user is interest in a topic, they do not follow just one brand, but several. And if he identifies that you have cheat, you have completely lost his trust. conclusions If you want to have possibilities in social Singapore Lead networks and work them properly. Because with the competition that there is right now sharing content, either you give the best of yourself or you will surely end up without visibility. Were you making any of these mistakes on your social networks? I read you in comments. And you already know that if you ne help with your content strategy, you can hire my social mia consultancy so that we can review and improve it for an hour.

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